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Overall layout of the Metro Rail customer base

In the field of urban rail transit, for the 3 major business scenarios of training, vehicle and vehicle section, Yunda can provide 3 major solutions of intelligent training, intelligent operation and maintenance and intelligent vehicle section. Each of the three solutions consists of N core sub-products and related services. Among them, the core products of intelligent training solutions mainly include: train driving simulation training system, comprehensive simulation training system for urban rail operation, comprehensive simulation training system for fully automatic operation of urban rail, etc.; the core products of intelligent operation and maintenance solutions mainly include: programmable logic control unit (LCU), online monitoring system for walking section, intelligent detection and collision prevention system, crew operation collection and supervision system, onboard data integration collection system, bow network monitoring system, 360-degree image inspection system for train appearance, etc.; the core products of intelligent vehicle section solutions mainly include: automatic management system for vehicle section dispatching and production, safety protection system for fully automatic driving vehicle section, safety interlocking monitoring system for maintenance operation, pantograph inspection system, wheel pair size and tread inspection system, DCC comprehensive management system, vehicle & equipment maintenance management system, etc.

Training business scenarios

Smart Training Solutions

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Vehicle business scenarios

Intelligent O&M Solutions

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Vehicle segment business scenarios

Smart Vehicle Section Solution

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Traction power business scenarios

Smart Traction Power Solutions

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